Bhadra Maruti temple at the historical town of Khuldabad, is where rests Bajarang Bali Hanuman, one of the most dutifully worshiped gods in India and every child’s superhero. Hanuman is known by many names, some of the frequently used are pavan putra, son of the wind and Maruti. It is one of the only two places where you will find Hanuman in a sleeping posture, the second known place being at Alahabad.

There are several stories associated with this temple recounting how it came into existence. One of these mentions that Hanuman, on his legendary heroic journey from Sri Lanka to Himalayas to bring the life-saving Sanjivani herb for injured Laxmana, on the return way of which he ripped apart from the earth and carried the whole mountain with him as he could not recognize the herb, he rested here for a while. And thus the place was graced by his holy touch.

Another story says that Khuldabad in ancient days was ruled by a king named Rajarshi Bhadrasen, who would sit at the bank of Bhadrakunda lake and sing songs praising Hanuman. One day, Hanuman, captivated by Bhadrasen’s singing, came down from the skies while on one of his journeys and sat listening. The melodious music soon put him to sleep. When he woke up he was greatly pleased with Bhadrasen’s devotion. He granted the king a wish, and the righteous king asked Hanuman to remain there forever and shower his blessings upon the people. Hanuman smiled and flied away. Later a statue was found where Hanuman had slept. There, King Bhadrasen built the temple, which today we know by the name of Bhadra Maruti - sleeping Hanuman.

Devotees from the villages and towns around are known to make resolutions to visit Bhadra Maruti every Saturday for five, seven or even twenty-one Saturdays. Some visit every Saturday. And some even walk from Aurangabad and the villages around starting their journey in the night. The temple is crowded by thousands of devotees on the day of Hanuman Jayanti. A well appointed guest house is available for the guests who wish to stay.

Plan a trip: The temple here falls after Devgiri Fort, a little off the way to Ellora Caves and is approximately 22 kilometers from Aurangabad. Khuldabad also hosts the tomb of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, a historical place within 2 kilometers of the temple. One can plan a trip to cover all these places of interest in one go.